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Sunday, January 30, 2022

Gameplay updates

Gameplay redesign

Before verifying that in-game experience and money numbers are fine, I decided to revisit main gameplay and ended up making few changes to it.

Both UI and gameplay mechanics were improved (I think).

Previous UI:

Current UI (yet to complete):

As a part of UI redesign, icon for all available actions were added. Another subject for later improvement.

Experience balancing

Experience gain by level was calculated. The first attempt revealed some discrepancy with lower levels requiring more experience than higher ones; however after two more attempts the numbers become much better (one of rooms was assigned a higher level),

Icons for wardrobe items

Icons were created to all (for now) items Ryo can wear. These icons too are a subject for later improvements; the point now is to see them all in-game and learn if  UI needs any adjustments.

Next I plan to complete redesign I started and start verifying in-game economics.