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Sunday, July 24, 2022

UI updates, auto-save and additional settings

Navigation icons have been added.

Timeslot text counter has been replaced with squares.

Auto-save functionality has been added. The game state is saved upon purchasing item or activity, session completion, or finishing a dialog.
Also, it is now possible to disable auto-save, as well as skip start screen.

A button for manual save has been added too.

Other updates include adding a test room for debugging, handling breast scar desires, and fixing pubic hair desire match calculation - desires related to pubic hair will now not be satisfied if pubic hair is not visible because of the clothes.

Thursday, July 7, 2022

Escape penalty, restrictions and rich tooltips

Some amount of reputation will now be deducted when Ryo escapes the room. This amount depends on current number of desires not satisfied, and can be 0 in same cases.


Rooms of certain lines will now be blocked if Ryo's appearance is not appropriate for these rooms. For example, if Ryo has big breasts, he won't be allowed to enter a room where visitors expect to see guy performing.


Similarly, some actions will not be available if genders of participants are not as expected in a room. For example, anal sex as a shemale will not be available in "straight male performance" rooms.

To be able to interact during performance with others, Ryo should first invite someone. To invite, Ryo should be liked by that someone (e.g. for having certain appearance).

Session was redesigned a little - continue button was replaced with a click area within actions; also, the round (timeslot) counter was added.

Actions and desires tooltips where added.

Items and activities tooltips were extended with additional info where applicable.

Finally, I started to track how many clothes and cloth elements I still need to draw. Roughly it is: 38 /  164 (23%)