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Thursday, November 24, 2022

Playtesting #3 outcomes

The main gameplay changes made after the third playtesting are the following:

  • Content unlock progression was shifted to lower levels, since after multiple restarts it became apparent that it is quite boring to play up to ~40th level with little to no content. The rooms are now spread a bit more even across the levels.
  • Male story lines were once more reduced so that it took even less time to complete (as there is little content in these lines).
  • Prices were once more adjusted to approximately match total gain during full game completion. 

Rooms before the change:

Rooms after the change:

A playthough data was collected in order to find out whether assumptions made for various game constants were correct. Those appeared to be ok.

Newly-available items (as well as the respective shops) are now marked with a small "new" label.

It is now possible to reset the game progress, either current (and keep progress from previous completions), or the whole game progress.

Failed performances will now decrease room completion progress; i.e. to complete the room, difference between successfull and failed completions should be greater than some specific number (dependent on room level). This was added to prevent room completion by "spamming" and getting lucky.

Finishing the game now requires a certain relevant rooms to be completed.

Two major items I am going to work next are stats and help / tutorial screens.