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"Wandering Ryo" overview

The "Wandering Ryo" is a feminization kind of a game about a guy who starts to perform and gets an opportunity to explore his pote...

Sunday, June 19, 2022

Ladder and gameplay updates, notifications

Ladder design and functionality were changed:

  • faction colors were changed a bit
  • rooms where Ryo is expected to perform in mask are marked with a corresponding icon
  • room progress indicator was merged with the room icon
  • low levels rooms are marked with stripes - reputation and currency gain is reduced in such rooms so that it was hard to 'farm' there

A simple room tooltip was added.

When disliked, Ryo will now get no score for his performance.

Notifications have been added for the following events:

  • Day change
  • Level increase
  • Reputation and currency increase
  • Body changes
  • Items purchase

Tuesday, June 7, 2022

"Wandering Ryo" overview

The "Wandering Ryo" is a feminization kind of a game about a guy who starts to perform and gets an opportunity to explore his potential in this field.

The game is now available at https://hexoticas.com/wandering-ryo/game/

The game was mainly developed to make a simple character customization more engaging and demanding.

Different endings become available depending on which "path" Ryo selects during his performance activities.

The game consists of the following screens (the design and looks are - hopefully - a subject to change):

- main screen with the wardrobe; at the very end of the game (after opening all endings and purchasing all items and services at least once) it will be possible here to "switch" Ryo's features to get any desired look:

- shops and clinics:

- respective goods and services:

- club "ladder", where Ryo would build his career as a performer:

- performance session, which is build around selecting the best way to satisfy viewers' needs - by changing clothes and performing various actions:

Thursday, June 2, 2022

Masks off, gameplay improvements, room icons.

"Taking off mask off" scenario has been worked out. Since Ryo does not want to be recognized, he will be wearing mask while performing in the first few rooms. Then, at a certain level, he will be advised to take it off should he want to continue developing his career in the club.

Two improvements have been made to make gameplay more complex.

The first one was adding a "key" desires. If not satisfied, such desires results into instant dislike, disregarding satisfaction of other desires. This change prevents easy completion of rooms which expect certain features, by having "average" success rate (satisfaction and dissatisfaction ratio). Now, if viewers want to see big breasts, and this desire is a key one, Ryo will not be able to success by having other (but not this one) desires more or less satisfied.

Key desires blink to draw attention, and are surrounded by dashed border.

The second change was adding "room" desires. Satisfaction of these desires is added into calculation of  reactions of each viewer. "Room" desires are mostly "key" desires as well, so not satisfying such desires will result into instant dislike for all viewers (and thus little chance of completing the session). This change was added to guard some rooms from Ryo when he has features not applicable to these rooms. E.g. most of rooms where viewers want to see a shemale, would require the performer to not have facial hair and have a breast.

In addition, room icons were added. I'm still not sure whether I like how this feature was implemented, but I'll keep it for now.

I realized I don't have post with the game overview, so that is what I plan to add next.

List items completed: 88 / 162 (54%)