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Friday, December 22, 2023

Improving in-game relationships development + diary

One of the biggest gaps in the game for me is a poor relationships model, so I decided to try improving the interactions with other characters so that they also included explicit preferences and multiple datings in order to be able to invite character and unlock actions with them.

Dating would be sort of mini-games, but in case I won't have time to implement it, it may be a simple click-to-complete-the-date event.

Here is an early preview of relationships screen (some icons will be clickable, with other having a tooltip showing missed requrements).

I also want to add a diary which would reflect the progress.

Tuesday, December 5, 2023


Recently I have made some small changes (fixed some bugs reported in this thread and added few more reaction dialogs) and updated the online version to 0.8.1.
At this point I see the game as more or less complete (the way I imagined it at the beginning), so if I won't get to working on the next major feature anytime soon, I think I'll consider the game as complete.