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Thursday, April 21, 2022

Smooth hair growth, areola scars, masks and glasses

Hair - both facial and pubic - will now grow "smoothly" each day. Before the change, if was changing abruptly once in a few days.

Since there are areola reposition procedures in the game, additional scars were introduced to make this procedures more realistic. The new scars are independent from breast change scars .

Masks were added to the game. Ryo will start his wandering with a mask on - due to shame and uncertainty - however will have to take it off once day, should he wish to continue his way.

Glasses too were added.

List items completed: 42 / 108 (39%)

Friday, April 8, 2022

Debug flags, start screen, head shaving, and icons updates

Debug mode was split into flags to ease testing of the changes. Before that, the debug mode would open all content, allow usage of all items, etc. together.

A simple start screen was added. I am not sure if it is needed really, but, well, let it be for now. The nice part is that it is adaptive and look fine on different screen resolutions, unlike game as a whole which is kind of hardcoded to 1080p screen resolution.

Head shaving mechanics was implemented. The idea is that at some level Ryo will be able to start shaving head in order to use all possible wigs.

Other than that, most of time I was working on internal entities restructuring, icons updates and optimization.

Icons now look more clean

Also, most icons now are compositions of basic icon and modifiers, and thus it is easier to re-use assets.

 =  &  & 

All game icons where added to the game, and also added to the respective shops.

Item / activity being purchased is now displayed in the confirmation dialog. Looks a bit weird, so it is a subject to possible changes in future.

Lastly, I outlined most of items needed to complete the game. I use Trello too, but somehow a plain multi-level list gives a better perspective.

List items completed: 24 / 87 (28%)