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Saturday, September 3, 2022

Closing the wandering loop

The latest changes were all about completing the game and starting a new one.

When not available, endings will either show which level is needed:

Or, when the target level is achieved, the full list of requirements will be shown. Failed requirements (those that cannot be satisfied anymore without starting a new game) are highlighted using bold font.

Available endings will be clickable.

Upon confirmation, the respective story (yet to be written) along with the participants (yet to be drawn), will be displayed.

Upon ending the game, the start screen will be shown allowing to start a new game. All purchased items, along with currency and unlocked potions will be available after the first in-game dialog.

All game dialogs and events were reviewed, and few were updated so that dialogs still were relevant during each new game, given that potions can unlock body modifications earlier than it was designed for the first game completion.

Now, the major items left to complete the game development are:

  • dialogs - need to write / review all
  • clothes - need to draw all missing
  • endings - need to complete stories and draw characters
  • play-testing - need to completed to verify the game mechanics and economics are sound
Currently I am working on auto-play functionality that would help me play-test the game.