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Monday, May 23, 2022

Avatar emotions, potions, colors and low levels rework

Emotions were added to avatars in dialogs.

Potions were added. Potions are the end-game content which is unlocked upon game completion. They allow to undergo body modifications without the need of surgery or procedures. The idea is that after completing the game 12 times, and seeing each ending, potions for all possible body modifications will be unlocked.

That is so that in the very end you could easily switch between Ryo's looks with few clicks.

Most of potions are unlocked after completion in case the corresponding surgery or procedure was applied during the game; some potions are only unlocked after the game is complete with a specific ending.

Some scripts maintenance work was done.

All icons where colorized. Some were replaced / enhanced.



Finally, starting levels (1-20) were reworked a little so that the player could level up quickly when there is not much game variability. These levels will have twice less experience requirements.

The main (and probably the best) change was adding two new initial actions (instead of one) which have a random effect - they may hit 0 as well as the best possible result, so the players now have some gameplay variability from the very start, and these actions are usable for a good portion of level 1-20 trip.

List items completed: 77 / 158 (49%)