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Tuesday, April 9, 2024


The game was updated to 1.2.0.

Skin and eye colors were added, along with the ability to create custom skin and eye colors.

As with other items, starting from the level 93 (as of now) the player will be able to create custom skin and eye color items.

(I wish I considered custom color feature earlier; I would then probably add less cloth and wig colors to the game).

The full changelog is:
  • New features:
    • New skin and eye color-changing items were added (available on levels 23, 26, and 33). These items with custom colors can also be ordered starting at level 93. Extra room interests will now include skin and eye colors.
    • A new Quality of Life option was added that allows increasing allowed number of mistakes during dates.
  • Bug fixes:
    • A few incorrect item descriptions were fixed.
  • Side effects:
    • Experience per level requirements were slightly changed; in some cases, the level may be reduced by 1 when loading state from the previous version.

I'll take a break now and later see what to do next.