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Thursday, August 4, 2022

Home design updates, emotions

Home screen was redesigned a little bit, which includes placing Home Activities block before Wardrobe.

Non-usable icons (which are shown for informational purposes only) now have a striped background and a pale header. Also, items which unlock various body-related activities are now shown too in the "Other" section - to make it clear which items are currently owned.

At he same time, "stronger" activities will now hide "weaker" ones (e.g. "strong" cream for shoulders will hide "mild" one) to make the UI a bit cleaner.

Action and desire icons for the same entries will now differ depending on Ryo's body, a well as which room he is in.

Finally, Ryo now can express emotions:

- in dialogs:

- right after surgeries or completion of procedures.

- or just when practicing before the mirror