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Sunday, June 25, 2023

Responsive design and playtesting

The game styles were updated to look fine and be playable on low screen resolutions, starting at around 640 x 360. While mobile experience is not superb, the game is still playable and looks good.
To improve mobile expectience, a full screen mode has been added.

I'll continue doing playtesting and fixing bugs found along the way (there are around 20 so far).
After two or three completions, the game should be ready to be published.

Saturday, June 3, 2023

All dialogues are now complete!

All of 156 dialogs are now complete. I started taking some shortcuts when I reached the second half, to speed up the work, which I think should be fine given that texts can be updated / expanded later without affecting the game flow.

Next, I plan to:

  • update certain in-game icons
  • try to adjust styles to look more or less fine on different screen sizes
  • do another round of playtesting, to see how the game looks in general and how much time does it take

I don't think there will be any "must-have" items left to do after that, so I guess I'll then be thinking of how to share the game.